Gandmool Dosh Pooja


A Gandmool dosh nivaran puja is performed in order to rectify this dosh and the process and procedure is much more technical than any other kind of pooja performed for any other kind of dosh present in a horoscope and that is why this pooja needs much more resources and expertise to be conducted properly. Some astrologers believe that going to Trayambakeshwar temple in of Lord Shiva in nasik or going to Ujjain, Haridwar, Gayaji or Badrinath dham and doing some simple procedures there will rectify this Gandmool dosh which is not the case and a duly conducted pooja needs to be performed for nivaran of this dosh. Many of my clients and readers have asked me about the procedure for pooja again and again and many of them have requested me to write an article on this topic and hence today we will discuss this issue and we will see as to what kind of pooja should actually be performed in order to rectify Gandmool Dosh present in a horoscope and how should this pooja be performed.
Starting the discussion, the puja which is performed to rectify the malefic effects of Gandmool Dosh formed in a horoscope is not a single fixed puja and Gandmool Dosh nivaran puja can be different for different natives. In order to find as to what kind of puja should be performed for niavaran of Gandmool Dosh in a horoscope, it should first be checked from the horoscope as to which nakshatra is forming Gandmool Dosh in the horoscope and once that nakshatra is detected then a Gandmool Dosh nivaran pooja should be performed for that nakshatra in order to rectify Gandmool Dosh present in the horoscope or in order to reduce the strength of such Gandmool Dosh present in the horoscope. This is the most important step which should be properly conducted before performing a Gandmool Dosh nivaran puja because not knowing the exact cause of Gandmool Dosh in a horoscope will simply lead to some kind of puja which is not meant to rectify such Gandmool Dosh and accordingly such pooja will not help much or help at all. We already know that Gandmool dosh is formed in a horoscope due to presence of Moon in any one of the 6 nakshatras named Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Moola and Revati, hence we will first need to check as in which of these 6 nakshatras, Moon is placed in a horoscope which is called the birth nakshatra of the native and then a Gandmool dosh nivaran pooja is performed for that nakshatra. Each nakshatra has its own Ved mantra and the mantra for birth nakshatra of the native becomes Gandmool dosh nivaran mantra for the native. For example, let us consider for the sake of this article that a native is born with Gandmool dosh which has been formed due to presence of Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra in his horoscope, hence the Veda mantra for Ashlesha mantra becomes the Gandmool dosh nivaran mantra in this case and similarly other mantras for other nakshatras will be used in different cases. So for the sake of this article, the Veda mantra of Ashlesha nakshatra is the Gandmool dosh nivaran mantra.