What Is Panchak

n Sanskrit, Panchak means a group of ‘Five’. Starting from 2nd quarter of Dhanistha the last five Nakshatras Shatbhisha, Poorvabhadrapada, Uttarbhadrapada and Revati on the Zodiac belt are recognized as Panchak. All these Nakshatras come in Aquarius and Pisces signs. Panchak happens every month when Moon transits through Aquarius & Pisces Signs. If I go by mathematical terms; this happens when Moon's longitude measures between 296 degrees and 360 degrees in sidereal

Myth About Panchak

As per the concept stated by the astrologers for Panchak, no auspicious work should be undertaken within this period. Means, events like marriage, upnayan sanskar, mundan, construction or new house purchase should be prohibited in this phase. If a person dies during Panchak, then some sort of pooja is performed for the departed soul as well as for the family left behind. Following five activities are suggested to completely prohibit during Panchak: Marriage, starting something new, journey in south direction, fuel stocking, and cremation of a dead person. With regards to Panchak there are specific instructions that are to be performed upon the dead body just before cremation. Five Putalas (forms) made from Kusha grass are required to put, accompanied by Mantras chanted by renowned Pundit, first putala on the head, the second putala and third putala on each side of the stomach, the fourth putala on the navel and the fifth and last putala between the feet of the dead body. After this, claimant offers 5 offerings of ghee into the fire for the 5 Nakshatras to appease them.

True Facts About Panchak

If one performs any important task during the transit of Moon in these Nakshatras, one will get the result of such task five times more. So, one should not stop himself during such transit of Moon. On practical grounds concept of five person death due to panchak is also not acceptable. Before the prefixed time of death, no one can die just due to the transit of Moon.