Pitar Dosh Pooja


Pitra dosh is probably the most widely misinterpreted concept of Vedic Jyotish as many of the present day astrologers describe it as the curse of ancestors which is troubling the native and accordingly they suggest remedies to pacify and please the ancestors so that such ancestors may take back their curse. For this reason, such astrologers recommend to their clients that they should get Pitra dosh puja performed at places like Haridwar, Badrinath Dham, Gaya Ji or Trayambkeshwar temple in Nasik or in Ujjain in order to rectify Pitra dosh present in their horoscopes. These astrologers suggest that Shraadh Karmas, pooja and charities should be done at these places in order to pacify the ancestors. Over a period of time, many people have done these rituals at the above mentioned religious places and most of them have not benefitted from such rituals at all and such natives have continued their search for proper remedies and puja which can actually ractify Pitra dosh present in their horoscope. Many of my clients and readers have asked me this question again and again and many of them have requested me to write an article on this topic and hence today we will discuss this issue and we will see as to what kind of pooja should actually be performed in order to rectify pitra dosh present in a horoscope and how should this pooja be performed.
Before moving ahead with Pitra dosh nivaran puja, let’s first understand that Pitra dosh in most of the cases is not the curse of ancestors and in reality it is formed in a horoscope due to bad karmas done by the ancestors of the native and the native has to pay for these bad karmas. Hence the ancestors of the native are not cursing him but they are themselves cursed and therefore Pitra dosh nivaran pooja should not be aimed pacifying the ancestors but it should be aimed at relieving the ancestors from the karmic debt of one or more than one planets which are making Pitra dosh in the horoscope of the native and which are direct indicators of the kind of karmic debt which has been formed on the family line of the native. It should be noted here that out of all kinds of Pitra doshas which can be formed in a horoscope and which have been discussed in details through various articles available in this section of the website, only the Pitra dosh formed by a malefic Sun placed in ninth house of a horoscope is the one which can sometimes but not always be formed due to the curse of the ancestors of the native which means that the native in his previous life or native’s ancestors did not performed the after death rituals of their fathers and forefathers due to which such ancestors had to suffer from various problems and accordingly such ancestors cursed the native and his family line. All other kinds of Pitra doshas formed by different planets among navagraha other than Sun are formed due to bad karmas done by the ancestors of the native and their formation has nothing to do with the curse of native’s ancestors.