Naamkaran Pooja


In the Hindu way, every child born is named and this ceremony is called the naamakaranam. This function is not just a religious one but also has the social and the legal aspects to it. This is the first ceremony in a baby’s life and so it helps to forge a good bond between the baby and his or her family. It is usually conducted after the 12th day of birth but this differs as per region and custom. The 12th day is chosen because the first ten days after a baby’s birth is thought off to be a period of impurity and so in a sense we can say that the ritual of naamakaranam is one to cleanse the baby and the mother as in some cultures both are given a good oil bath. The name for the newborn is chosen after consultations with the elders. The custom is to give a child a name that is significant for various reasons. The guests present bless the child with good health, wealth and prosperity with a bright future so that he or she may follow the line of his or her great ancestors. This will also help the parents to understand the task of parenting that lies ahead of them. We can say that this ceremony is a reaffirmation of the importance and significance of the human life.
The naming ceremony is usually held on the 12th day, but if for some reason it cannot be held on the 12th day then it is done on the 101 day or on the first birthday. In some communities, the naming ceremony takes place only after three months from birth.
At the auspicious time, the baby is first placed in the father’s or the maternal uncle’s lap and he whispers the selected Hindu name in the baby’s right ear. Traditionally, a betel leaf or its silver image, or leaves of Kusa grass is used guide the sound of the name into the child’s ear. With this, the ceremony is concluded and sweets are distributed among guests. Finally, a feast is arranged so that everyone present can partake in the festivities for it is indeed a time to rejoice the new addition to the family. Lord Sudarshana is the chief deity of this powerful Homa who uses his mighty weapon "Chakra" to grant immediate relief to the sufferings of his devotees. Also, your sins are abolished by his grace. Lord Sudarshana/Narayana is considered as the first step to be adopted in the concept of realization of God. The "Sudarshana Chakra" contains healing characteristics. Therefore performance of Sudarshana Homa relieves you from afflictions of fever and unknown health sufferings. This is the appropriate Homa to perform to conquer your enemies and other evil eye castings. A legend has it that Sudarshana Ashtakam helped recovering people of a village stricken by the plague epidemic.